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AmphibiousHouseZinc.jpgAmphibious House on the River Thames

Marlow, Buckinghmamshire, England

Formosa was the UK's first amphibious house. Designed by Baca Architects - specialists in waterfront architecture and floodresilient developments – the unique house is located on an island in the picturesque stretch of the River Thames that passes through Marlow, in Buckinghamshire, a site designated as Flood Zone 3b and a Conservation Area.

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Westwego, Louisiana

Bayou Segnette Park will have a new attraction in the upcoming year. State Sen. John Alario said that 16 new floating cabins will replace the cabins that were damaged during Hurricane Katrina. The other cabins were built on pilings, but these will float. During bad weather, as the tide comes up, the cabins will float rather than flood.

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NLE CHICOCO RADIO 10-960x550Chicoco Radio

Port Hartcourt, Nigeria

Chicoco Radio is a floating media platform being built by and for the residents of Port Harcourt’s waterfront community in Nigeria.As a "bridge to transformation", the amphibious nature of the building offers a reconnection between the communities’ life on land today, their historic past and their potential lives on water in the future. Anchored in the bay of Okrika waterfront and reaching up towards the "upland" city, the building establishes a trajectory along which large areas of intense informal growth will be integrated into a more inclusive vision of the city’s future.

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Blooming Bamboo House


Vietnamese studio H&P Architects has built a prototype bamboo house designed to withstand floods up to three metres above ground. H&P Architects used tightly-packed rows of bamboo cane to build the walls, floors and roof of the Blooming Bamboo Home, along with bamboo wattle, fibreboard and coconut leaves.

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Amphibious House Prototype

Bangkok, Thailand

In the last decade, Thailand has experienced severe flooding in many regions that has caused severe damage to life, mental health, and property of the people in the affected areas.

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ml schoolatSea Makoko 19 1200MAKOKO FLOATING SCHOOL

Lagos, Nigeria

Makoko Floating School is a prototype floating structure, built for the historic water community of Makoko, located on the lagoon heart of Nigeria's largest city, Lagos. As a pilot project, it has taken an innovative approach to address the community's social and physical needs in view of the impact of climate change and a rapidly urbanizing African context. Its main aim is to generate a sustainable, ecological, alternative building system and urban water culture for the teeming population of Africa's coastal regions.

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Ohé and Laak Maasvillas

Maasplassen Lakes, The Netherlands

In their lovely waterside location, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Limburg countryside and views across the water, the floating Maasvillas are designed to give a sense of relaxation and exclusiveness.

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1379126706-1054806454Amphibious Temple

Taipei, Taiwan

“Tian De Gong” temple is located in the flood zone of the Keelung River in Taipei. It is built by the local fishermen who collected more than seventy Buddha statues in it. Due to the frequent flooding, they decided to put four two-storey tall steel columns around the temple and use a mechanical system to lift it up during a flood. The building weighs 18 tons, but it can be lifted up to 7m off the ground.

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LIFT House

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The LIFT House is an amphibious housing solution for flood prone communities. It is an innovative house that floats up with rising floodwater and returns to ground as the flood recedes.

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New Orleans, Lousiana

The FLOAT House is a new kind of house: a house that can sustain its own water and power needs; a house that can survive floodwaters generated by a storm the size of Hurricane Katrina; and perhaps most importantly, a house that can be manufactured cheaply enough to function as low-income housing.

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Massbommel, The Netherlands

The Dutch are gearing up for climate change with amphibious houses. If rivers rise above their banks, the houses simply rise upwards as well. Such innovation could be good news for hurricane and flood-stunned America. But are water lovers prepared to live on swimming family arks?

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pointcoupeeparishOld River Landing

Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana 

The lake that is called Old River was once a part of the Mississippi River, and remains connected to the Missisippie at one end; thus the water level in Old River rises and falls with the Mississippi's annual spring floods. Unhampered by building code inspection in these remote rural areas, local residents and vacationing fishermen have devised an ingenious amphibious foundation system that has been keeping their homes dry for more than three decades. 

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waterstudiosamphibioushousesWaterstudio's Amphibious Houses

Various locations

Leave it to the Dutch to come up with 'amphibious houses' - a concept that makes sense in a landscape where solid ground is yearly sinking. Residents and planners are looking into the future with concern over flooding and heavy rain, an issue that will be compounded by rising water levels from global warming.

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drive-inwaterstudio"Drive-in" Waterstudio

The Netherlands

Two houses that are connected to eachother by two plateaus in between. One plateau can be used for parking cars. The second plateau is a large terrace. The house contains 140m², spread over two levels. From the entrance you can go down half a level to the sleeping area, and up half a level to the living area.

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internationalfloatinghousesInternational Floating Houses

Various locations

Living, working and blogging in Seattle, it was only a matter of time before we felt obligated to post on floating houses. In doing our homework we spoke with Dan Wittenberg, president of International Floatation Systems Inc. (IMF), who was gracious enough to give us a bit of his time and expertise. In addition to designing and building floating homes all over the world, Dan previously lived in a floating home for 11 years. Here's a bit of our conversation.

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floatinghousesFloating Houses

The Netherlands

Ever thought of buying a house you could move with you?
Recognising the growing scarcity of building ground in the Netherlands, a Dutch construction company has started building houses on water. The houses, made of wood and lightweight aluminium, are linked to each other by walkways but can be detached from the surrounding neighbourhood and individually moved by tugboats.

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thefloathouseThe "Float House"

Austin, Texas

Built from the ground... er water up for fun. It's a full size (1350 sq ft, 3 bedrooms - 1 1/2 bath) house that floats on the water. It truly is the most unique vacation rental on the lake.

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projectnoahProject Noah

Auckland, New Zealand

Energy Efficient Homes Ltd., of Auckland NZ will announce at the forthcoming 2004 Auckland Home Show, its preliminary development of a home designed to float in the event of flooding. This home will be the first of several such homes of various sizes to be adapted to buoyancy. The Model name of the first home is appropriately named 'Thames', with two versions of the Thames under development.

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