Buoyant Foundation Assembly Animation

An animation showcasing the assembly of the various elements of a buoyant foundation.

Amphibious Houses

Imagine affordable houses that sit on the ground when it’s dry, float in the event of a flood, and come right back down to where they were before when the water recedes. That’s Elizabeth English’s vision. The University of Waterloo architecture professor has designed an easy and cheap way to make the existing “shotgun” houses of Louisiana amphibious, so they will survive another Hurricane Katrina. She is now applying her research to homes in other flood-prone areas.

The Buoyant Foundation Project Movie

A short film of tv news broadcasts and summary of the buoyant foundation project.

Three Houses Animation

The following is an animation of 3 typical ‘shotgun’ style houses in Louisiana. The first is a typical house without any flood protection, the second is a house that has been fixed at an elevated position of 12 feet and the last is a house where buoyant foundations have been implemented.

Louisiana Fishermen Pioneer Floating Architecture

The fishing community on Old River in Louisiana is in a flood-prone area. In order to maintain their homes, many of the residents have mobilized to devise an innovative solution: turning their homes into floating rafts. Also known as “amphibious,” the houses usually stay grounded, but float when the water rises.